Do stuff for dogs.

You can help save dogs by helping the people and organizations who work to rescue and shelter them. Volunteer a professional skill or service, or donate a freebie to a rescue administrator and help encourage their efforts.


Do you have a trade or skill that can help dog rescues? Willing to donate a service to rescue administrators?

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Our Mission

The National Dog Rescue Network Helps No-Kill Dog Rescues and Shelters by providing free professional services and perks to thank the volunteers for everything they do.

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We promote responsible ownership and dog-relevant legislation on federal, state, and municipal levels.

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We Provide and Coordinate Professional Services for No-Kill Dog Rescues and Shelters.

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How best to get the attention of the Internet generation? Disrupt the usual message. This ad series intends to offend or in the very least, make an impact.

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Using Shutterstock photos with a message crafted to get the attention of the mem-generation, our 'snitches get bitches' content hopes to promote awareness regarding what to do if you see a dog in a hot car.

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Responsible ownership messages are important, and we wanted an image that was sure to grab the attention be it through disgust or morbid curiosity. Pick it up, or become one!