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June 2016 - NDRN Launches a new program to support Rescues

For a few years, Heather Bennett and I have been spending some time off-hours helping out rescues. We didn't spend a ton of time on it at first, as we both have jobs and responsibilities, jobs, hobbies and all the other distractions that come with life. Over time, we found ourselves spread thin volunteering with various non-profits and working on projects we found interesting and wishing we had more time to manage Colorado Rescue Network.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go all in for the dogs and collapse the Colorado Rescue Network and start a national organization, this organization, to do a couple of things that we didn't see anyone else doing. One, coordinate professional services for dog rescues, and two, find ways to encourage and support the people who do all the actual work (rescue administrators and volunteers), as it's not exactly a lucerative industry.

So we've formed a board, registered as a non-profit, and are looking forward to going all-in on supporting dogs, who are today our most loyal friends moreso than any of the many species on this planet. Dogs deserve some support, and there are thousands of volunteers helping to save, shelter, and find families for the many dogs of the world. We think these people are the real heroes, and we're looking forward to doing anything we can to help encourage and support them.

So thank you for coming to this first iteration of our website. There is much more to come in the future as we improve our site, our services, and hopefully, the lives of both rescue workers and the dogs they support!